Why is Bubble Shooter so Popular?

In the world of gaming, there are just a handful of games that could attract the attention of people, which will play them for a long time, other games could not sustain such popularity, and so they become obsolete a few years or even months after they are released into the market. Furthermore, new game genres that have been launched for marketability are still testing the waters if such kind of game genre would attract a lot of gamers, and if it did, would it last for a reasonable span of years.

Game developers are most concerned about the selling part of their games for this will be the determining factor, whether they will profit from the game or not. Once the released game reaches a certain level of popularity within the gamer community, they will then produce more copies of the game and expand their distribution worldwide.

The Basic Gameplay is the Reason

In connection. Classic games like Bubble Shooter have been so popular that, up until now, it is still being played in multiple platforms. This game has been enhanced, upgraded and produced in versions that would be compatible for any devices like PC, Mac and other handheld platforms like iPhone and android gadgets. The versatility of this game is the reason why it is so popular among gamers and non-gamers alike. Moreover, getting accustomed to with how the game is played also contributes to its popularity.

The game play of Bubble Shooter is so easy; all the players have to do is too literally to remove all the bubbles off the screen in order to win the game. This kind of game play is very common among games, and it is not new. This kind of play method has been used since the first game was invented. This is the very reason why Bubble Shooter is a truly popular game until now.

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