It’s OK to be addicted to Bubble Shooter Game

Some gamers are playing games to a point where they become addicted to it, which can have a negative effect on everyone. A lot of gamers out there are obsessed with the games that they play, which affects all aspects of the player’s life. Some may even have forgotten to eat and take a bath because they can’t get off from the games that they are playing. This is an unfortunate reality for all gamers out there which affects the development of games. These developers are also thinking of the welfare of gamers out there that’s why they are also concerned what might be the gamesgeneral effect on the players.

Ultimately, it is the player’s responsibility to ensure that he will be able to manage his time and balance every aspect of his life by setting enough time for school and have time to attend to other things in life. However, there are also games that enhance and develop some skills on the person playing the game and it is not a problem at all if a player is addicted to this kind of game. Bubble Shooter is a classic game which was upgraded to have an online version.

Why is it OK to be addicted to Bubble Shooter?

In its previous version, the bubble shooter game was enjoyed by a lot of people who are passionate about games that enhance mental ability and eye coordination. Furthermore, the Bubble Shooter game required a game console and a TV for it to be played, so the risk of being addicted to it is lesser compared to its versions that operate on computer platforms and handheld devices. However, even if the players are hooked on the game, there is a great chance that they would benefit out of it.

AS popularly believed by those who have played the classic version of Bubble Shooter, the game has a positive effect on the mental ability of the player. They have reiterated that although there is little research on the matter, they have proven that the game improves their ability to think quickly, therefore, increasing their reaction time. Although there is limited evidence on what these players have stated, it could not be denied that the effect of the Bubble Shooter game is a lot desirable compared to other advance games available today.

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