Improving Mental Skills with Games

Video games have been argued whether they could have a favorable effect or negative effect on the mental capacity of an individual. There have been reports that some video games have a positive effect on the mental aspect of a human being and as these games are being continued to be played by some individuals, they are benefited with these effects which improves the way they think and act in certain situations. Furthermore, there are several studies that have proven that games which involve the visual aspect of the individual have dramatically improved hand to eye coordination. One of these games that have this same effect is the Bubble Shooter game.

How Does Bubble Shooter enhances coordination?

Noticeably, the Bubble Shooter game requires the player to aim at targets. This involves colored bubbles, which are arranged on the screen which the player should clear by using a bubble at the bottom of the screen and matching the colored bubbles above the screen. This action requires hand to eye coordination for the players uses a mouse to control the bubble which is at the bottom of the screen to target the bubbles above. Furthermore, by having a great hand to eye coordination, the player will be able to match each bubble, which will help him eliminate the bubbles above slowly but surely.

Moreover, as he continues to play such game, the player will definitely notice a new skill. His visual acuity will significantly improve and his mental capacity to think and react quickly will have a dramatic increase as well. Even though there is much to argue about whether the theory of games having a positive effect on a human being is true, it could not be denied that the players themselves have felt these effects and have claimed that they have greatly benefited from the game.

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